Granovibes Ve-Pro-Protein Bar (6 packs per box)


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Protein bars made from clean ingredients - enjoy a healthy, delicious Granovibes Protein Bar anytime, anywhere! Granovibes Protein Bars are convenient, filling and is a nutritious snack that can be taken before your workout for extra boost of energy or after a workout for muscle building and workout recovery!

Take your taste buds on a stroll down memory lane with our Cinnamon flavour protein bar that contains 13 grams of protein. This protein bar is made up mainly of protein powder, oats, nuts and seeds and a hint of cinnamon powder that creates the taste of a snickerdoodles cookie.

No Eggs, No Added Oil, No Added Sugar, Real Cinnamon, Vegan Choice

Allergy Information: Contains Oats and Almonds