Ederra - Crianza - 2015 ( 750 ml)

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Ederra Crianza

Ederra is a Rioja wine, produced with the grape Tempranillo that comes from their own vineyards in Haro, with an ageing in american oak barrels.


Ederra seeks to bring out the fruitiness and freshness of its wines, absolutely essential for wines aged in oak. After d e s t e m m i n g and crushing,maceration takes place for approximately 15 days. The wine is then aged for 12months in barrels of American oak, a traditional practice in the Rioja where aging in oak enhances the wine’s fresh and fruity character with toasty and spicy woody notes, polishing its tannins and rounding it off until it is ready for drinking.


Grown in vineyards located in the Upper Rioja, an area influenced by the Atlantic climate, planted on slopes with gravelly, relatively unfertile soils with their own particular texture. These two characteristic features render wines with sufficient freshness to make vintage wines.

Vintage characteristics

During the 2013 vintage the Spring was humid with low temperatures which slowed down the vine growth cycle to such an extent that it was the latest harvest in the recent history of the Rioja Appellation. Good weather predominated throughout September and October which allowed for balanced ripening in our vineyards in Haro and enabled selective harvesting of each vine plot once it had attained optimum ripeness.

Sensory characteristics

Aspect: A garnet-cherry colour of medium intensity with violet hues. Nose: Aromas of ripe red fruit underlain with supple notes of vanilla, coconut and cocoa. Mouthfeel: A very pleasant entry on the palate, fresh and an amiable finish.


Pairs perfectly well with creamy and semi-cured cheeses. Cold meats, mushrooms, legume dishesor a Spanish omelette, in addition to the classic pairing: meat dishes served with an aged Rioja.

Consumption period

In our crianza wines what we seek above all is to bring out their fruitiness and that’s why we recommend this wine be consumed within the first 5 years, in other words before 2019.


Technical sheet


VARIETY: 90% Tempranillo, 10% Garnacha

ANALYSIS: Alcohol Content: 13% v ol

Contains sulf ites

YEAR: 2013

Winemaker Tips

We do not recommend decanting this wine nor consider it necessary but we do recommend opening the bottle half an hour bef ore serv ing.

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