Chamomile ချာမိုမိုင်းဆေး 60's 1 Bottle

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Each capsule contains:
Chamomile extract containing
Apigenin ……………….. 50 mg

Pharmacological actions:
The flavonoid apigenin inhibits hepatitis C virus replication in chronically infected patients by decreasing mature micro RNA 122 levels, that is essential for the stability and propagation of HCV RNA. It was found to be highly potent anti-HCV activities at low micromole EC50 values.

Apigenin is described as non-mutagenic bioflavonoid and has significant chemopreventive activity against UV radiation. Current research trials indicate that it may reduce DNA oxidative damage, inhibit the growth of human leukemia cells and induced these cells to differentiate inhibit cancer cell signal transduction and induce apoptosis, act as anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic agent.

Apigenin possesses anxiolytic effect by acting as a benzodiazepine ligand. It can exert a neuroprotective effect against excitotoxicity and prevent calcium build-up in neural mitochondria.

◆ Relieve nervous exhaustion
◆ Liver support
◆ Promote cell protective activity
◆ Hair growth

Adult – one capsule two times daily

Quantity supplied:
60 capsules per bottle

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