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Mimolette is a semi-hard yellow cheese produced from cow’s milk in Normandy. Similar to cheddar, Mimolette is intensely fruity, and popular for cooking or as a snack with beer. Its tough, natural rind is yellowish brown and pitted and dry like a melon. The deep orange of the cheese itself comes from natural annatto coloring. Cellar-aged for four to 18 months on wooden planks, the cheeses are turned regularly by hand to allow for even aging over the entire rind.

Made from cow's milk

Country of origin: France

Region: Lille

Type: semi-hard

Fat content: 40%

Texture: firm

Rind: natural

Colour: orange

Flavour: buttery, caramel, nutty, salty

Aroma: fruity

Vegetarian: no

Synonyms: Boule de Lille , vieux Hollande